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This mini printer can turn your Instagrams into physical photos in under 2 minutes

Although most of us have taken more photos in the past month than our parents did during their childhood, they either stay on our phones or social media sites. Having physical copies of your pictures for sentimental or aesthetic reasons is nice, but a nice photo printer can take up a lot of space and get expensive. This printer is small and wireless (you can also dock your phone directly into it), which eliminates the space concerns, and the only problems with it is its difficult-to-navigate companion app. Once I got the hang of that, you will find the process of printing pretty painless. Here i go into more depth below, giving you an overview of the hardware and showing you how to get from a photo on your phone to a picture in your hand.

The printer itself is very small, with a dock for your phone (iPhone or Android) on top, a USB port for printing from a flash drive on its side, and a power button on top.



When you’re ready to print, you’ll have to insert an attachment that feeds the printer paper. It can be stored elsewhere when not in use, but the printer still doesn’t take up too much space when it’s all set up.

The quality of the print will vary depending on the source image (zoomed-in, nighttime Instagram shots will be worse than those taken with a nice camera in broad daylight), but overall the results are amazing.


Although we are going to keep a majority of our photo library digital, Kodak’s Dock & Wi-Fi Printer reminded us how nice it is to hold a picture in your hand. Even if you only use it every once in a while, you’ll appreciate having this printer around after a long trip with friends, or during holiday card season.

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