This is what life was like before the 'INTERNET' came into being!
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This is what life was like before the ‘INTERNET’ came into being!

Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web (WWW) or in short the ‘Internet’ in 1989, and changed everything around this world. Since then, all of our lives have been revolving around its mere existence. Each and everything has been centered to its very core, in fact we cannot even imagine our lives without internet.

And owing to the fact that our lives wouldn’t be ‘possible’ now that the internet has taken over, this new hashtag is being trending throughout the world and it is pretty much the most awesome thing that internet has given us!

#BeforeTheInternetExisted is trending worldwide and it is giving a literal insider onto the lives and our surroundings without this technological advancement.

Here are some of the most viral and mischievous tweets to get you laughing through this weekend:

The modern-day irony:

Innocent Mornings:

There was this thing called ‘Face-to-Face Conversations’


The Actual Desk…

Oh, and meet the ‘Outernet’

Real Clouds:

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