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Why do we know so little about transgender people?

Transgenders are constantly told that it’s not true; they are not real women “genetically” or “biologically” they are male. They should not engage with any government or media nor they should represent or support any politician party. They don’t have rights to freely express themselves in a society that fears them.

We don’t know them because, frankly, we don’t see them often apart from streets, that too for seconds when we wait for the signal. When they come to us we either ignore them or just give them some money just to save ourselves from their curse. We know this is wrong.

Why do we know so little about transgender people?

There is a myth that tells us that transgender people are all crazy freaks. It is a misleading lie.

Transgender people have bodies just like ours. As feminists, we don’t judge our bodies or anyone else’s so why do we judge them?

Transgender people are sick and perverts and are not real people but still we want them to have equal rights in the society?  It’s easy to point this group that you may find hard to understand. Or you already have? Why our life is considered vulnerable why not theirs?

In our society, very few people are aware that there are transgender men as well, not only transgender women. They are human being just like us then why such inhuman behavior. Our religion doesn’t allow us to treat any one with such disgrace and hate. Why people don’t laugh at them when they book them for some function or even for fun but laugh at them when they ask for their rights and when they are in trouble?

Transgender people aren’t making you question your gender. You can identify them as any gender you feel comfortable with. That’s sort of the point. So why do you think it’s up to you to decide someone’s else gender? Think about it!

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