This banned island hasn't been explored because the last stone age tribe kills all visitors
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This banned island hasn’t been explored because the last stone age tribe kills all visitors

Thailand is considered as one of the most beautiful countries from around the world, while India houses multiple ethnicities. But little did you know that just off the coast between two countries lie an extremely dangerous and forbidden ‘Banned Island’. The island is still the home of last stone age tribe, these tribal people kill anyone who dares to explore or try to enter their homeland.

Though the ‘North Sentinel Island’ is the hub of extreme beauty, but ever try to set foot on their land and these tribe will either kill you or severely injure you, leaving to die.

The Sentinelese tribe has called this place their home for more than 60,000 years. They still live on the primitive ways and have yet not discovered fire or any proper eating method. They kill people through centuries old weapons  made out of metals in the form of spears.

The humanitarian efforts to help these people when a tsunami struck the area in 2004 were left all in vein, because these people also started shooting arrows at helicopters that were dropping food and aid packages.

The Sentinelese tribe is among the last stone age tribe to survive this planet and they literally butcher anyone who tries to enter their boundary. Here is the complete video package:

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