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Is ‘Pakistan Railways’ in jeopardy?

Unfortunately over the years of lack of attention, poor policies, increasing expenditures, misappropriation of funds, pilferage, nepotism, floods, and inadequate technology and mismanagement have left Pakistan Railway with huge budget deficits running in billions of rupees and other crises have enrolled as a question mark on its sustainability.

An effective railway system of the country facilitates commerce and trade, reduces transportation cost,s and promotes rural development and national integration. Pakistan Railway is a national state-owned rail transport service of Pakistan, head-quartered in Lahore and administered by the federal government under the Ministry of Railways.

Pakistan railway provides an important mode of transportation throughout Pakistan.

It plays an important role in bringing the farthest corners of the country closed for the purpose of business, sightseeing, education, pilgrimage, and many other important services. Pakistan railway is not only the cheapest yet safe mode of transportation, but this public state enterprise is also the largest civil employer of the country but currently, the dwindling sustainability of Pakistan Railways (PR) continues to be of great concern to the pride of Pakistani people in general and causes a serious dent in the image of Pakistani management prowess in particular.

The consequences and implications of this grave situation on the national economy are identified and in particular, the role and support of the government in response is also accounted for.

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