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Improving employee engagement starts from remembering what your company stands for

By: Rida Manzoor

A number of big firms spend thousands on strategizing how to improve employee engagement that leads to increased productivity. The main reason why these strategies fail is because the company tries to cultivate employee commitment generally rather than making them feel responsible towards the organization itself. A more familiar yet undermined approach towards employee engagement is ‘Employee Brand Engagement’. This robust approach aligns the employees with the organizations brand.

This is more than just invertising (internal marketing for employees), your staff needs to engage with your brand. Internalize your organization’s purpose and values, this way the employees will make decisions based on what you preach.

3 dimensions to ‘Brand Engagement’ include’:

  1. Personal and Emotional Commitment
  2. Understanding the brand they work for
  3. Day-to-Day involvement

Brand led culture in a firm leads to more focused engagement of employees and develops better relationship among the staff. It also aids in creating a stronger link between the higher management and the employees at a lower hierarchical position.

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