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How safe is it to charge your phone at night?

Most of us charge our mobile phones at night and then go to sleep. Experts believe, however, that this is not very safe because it is a fire hazard.

On Thursday, a man was burned after his mobile phone exploded while charging at night in Lahore. The phone was under his pillow, which led to it overheating.

Iftikhar Ahmed, a former consultant at the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, said that overcharging phones causes overheating.

Most people leave their phones to charge the entire night and that is very risky. People should not charge their phones at night, said Jinnah Burn Centre Executive Director Muazzam Nazir Tarrar.

The battery generates heat when it is charging. “People should refrain from covering a mobile when it is charging,” Ahmed said on SAMAA TV’s programme Naya Din.

A phone may overheat if you leave it on your car’s dashboard when it’s sunny outside, he said. “It may actually cause a fire.”

Sometimes, a phone may explode because there is a defect in the battery, which could cause short-circuiting.

“You must use the correct charger and keep the phone in the right place.” People need to realize that they can’t use their phones the entire day, he added.

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