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Hold your own hand

By: Rao Hina Ramzan. 

Jodi picoult said & I quote;

“ If you meet a loner, no matter what they tell you, it’s not because they enjoy solitude. It’s because they have tried to blend into the world before, and people continue to disappoint them”.

The repercussions of life run through the very gist of the heading.

A stranger told me, the people she came across marked a pathetic impression in between entrance & exit. Perhaps, people are oblivious to this but someone has to say this. Envisage yourself holding a hand, you’re not doing it just because you are feeling cold, you are doing it because you want a friction between the palms  to set your agonies on fire and you want to feel held up by a friend, beau or a so-called sister/brother. On the contrary, when someone embraces you as his bosom or a beau, it is certified that you both have pledged eachother an alleviation, amity ,intimacy, valour & specially a lifelong support . Things feel seraphic & serene when they begin and then you feel companionless , your world capsizes, the bond that you formed was like an ice, melted away with time & finally vaporised. YOU FALL DOWN JUST BECAUSE OF THOSE YOU FELL FOR. Read it again, you’ll find a grave meaning. Remember, when the world lets you down, you’re in perfect position to pray. It won’t make any sense right now but someday, it’ll. I promise.

Just go back to the time when you were being hijacked by holding hands,being heedless to the elucidation of life & supposing an eternal alliance. Would you like to live that momentary moment if you go back? Maniac would say YES & a mindful, Ofcourse NOT.  The credit goes to TIME, It Potrays your past in your present & warns to make your future tense. But I’ve met the personalities and I’m one of them who fought against the dictatorship of time.

I think, Time is your Only ally which scares the crap out of you & you wake up, collecting your wits. So many have realised, Past pokes into the present & before it makes the future difficult, they nip it in the bud.

Number of people, specifically teenagers are everyday haunted by the loneliness without knowing that it’s productive. The hand that is mentoring you, poling & supporting you is mostly the hand which breaks you and in the end, all strength shatters. In a nutshell, an interim hand is rather destructive because its someone else’s but holding your own hand is constructive because it stays with you.

Not Holding hand doesn’t mean “not to hold hand” physically, It just means you don’t need a hand to move forward, sometimes, holding a hand is menacing. It keeps you in flow for first & then, it drags you backwards & finally, you end up enervated as if you’ve been six feet under.

Take yourselves through the times and rely or not, You’ll find yourself easy with ail and pain.

The snag is Holding someone’s hand (being held up) and its solution is Holding hand as well but this time, not someone else’s but your own, earnestly.

Inspired by different episodes of life.

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