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Here’s why starting work before 10am is similar to Torture!

If you’ve ever feel annoyed to go to your work station before 10 am, then it’s good news for you. Dr Paul Kelly, of Oxford University, claims that staring work before 10 am is equivalent to torture for an employee; resulting in illness, exhaustion and stress!

According to Dr Kelly, starting work before 10 am causes sleep deprivation, physical and emotional stress, and more severe health risks!

That’s why Dr Kelly suggests that there is a need for a dramatic shift in the societal mindset when it comes to moving school and work timings to fit with our natural body clock. As part of his research, Dr Kelly experimented with shifting Monks Eaton High School’s regular timing of 8:30 am to 10 am during a pilot study. The average point average of the students increased by 19 percent once they adapted to the new timings. The kids were losing up to 10 hours of sleep a week due to the fact that they were forced to wake up too early!

And here we’re stuck on the concept of following 9 to 5 work routine to make our day productive forgetting that it can be harmful for our heath. Thanks to Dr. Kelly!

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