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Google Play will only host Android apps with 64-bit support from August 2019

Google has lately been taking Android security pretty seriously. To ensure a high level of security and performance among Android apps, Google has announced that it will only allow 64-bit apps in the Play store by August 2019.

The recent app update news from Google now requires Android apps to have 64-bit security support. In order to improve app security and app performance of Android apps, the much-needed step has been taken. Google Play host a variety of applications right from the ones having robust security and a few that are not very much secured. In order to maintain the security aspect of applications, the new guidelines have been rolled out.

Google says that the changes are being made to help the apps become more secure as the Android platform itself. Commenting on the security Google says, “We want to proactively reduce fragmentation in the app ecosystem and ensure apps are secure and performant while providing developers with a long window and plenty of notice in order to plan ahead.”

Naturally, Google’s decision means that developers will have to retool their apps in order to remain listed in the Play store. Hopefully that’ll lead to more performant apps in the future.

The company also noted that it’ll soon begin appending security metadata to verify that authorized apps were indeed served through the Play store. It’s also detailed new target API level requirements, which will come into effect late next year.

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