General Raheel Sharif we need you!
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General Raheel Sharif we need you!

Being known to be one of the most loved, honoured, respected and popular Army Chief in the recent times, Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif has brought about the ray of hope and peace not only in Pakistan, but across the entire globe. Gen Raheel Sharif has undoubtedly; inspired among us and his troops the true meaning of confidence and love for their identity – Pakistan!

As former President and COAS Pervez Musharraf stated, “He is not just a commander but a leader — the one whom soldiers happily obey and follow in war.”  It is not hard to understand why Gen Raheel Sharif is acknowledged with such immense honour and dignity. In times of rampant terrorism, insecurity, corruption and political disputes, he not only raised the bar for Pakistan on a domestic level but globally as well. He was highly credited for his ‘can do’ leadership and ‘unwavering moral courage in the face of an existential threat’ to Pakistan.

Now that we are coming to see one of the best tenure of leadership in the face of Gen Raheel Sharif’s retirement, I along with many other young individuals – the youth of Pakistan, do not want to see that day to come anytime soon. The way he has brought prosperity and peace to the entire nation is not only remarkable but praiseworthy. Pakistan does not seem to have enjoyed the leadership of such personalities who are worth the title they have been attained with, which is why it is not easy to say farewell to the most appreciating individual in Pakistan.

COAS Gen Raheel Sharif initially stepped in with one of the most dangerous yet important “Zarb-e-Azb” and then the “Karachi Operation” against the over-growing terrorism in the country, and today, without the slightest of doubt we see before us a Pakistan completely different from three years ago. Not only that but he brought back foreign visits back to Pakistan, which had once disappeared as a result of extreme terrorism and fear of being attacked by the so called Jihadis. Reviving the Military Parade on Defence Day was yet another spark of patriotism that the Army Chief brought back in the hearts of all Pakistanis, assuring the fact that we are stronger than those terrorists claiming to be the next big power to take over the world by large.

And how could one forget the APS attack which still brings tears to the eyes when being discussed or spoken about. It was one of the saddest days in the history of the nation where the COAS took prompt actions, saving as many lives of children and staff members as possible.  Army Chief played a vital role in arresting and killing those responsible behind the APS attack. Hence, there is no doubt that the general played a better role than we had expected, in one of the most difficult times for the nation and its people.

The fact that we truly NEED a leader like Gen Raheel Sharif is by any chance undeniable! We wish to see the Army Chief continue with his duties in leading the army, as our expectations with him have risen to a whole new level. We do not doubt the next Army Chief to be any less than Gen Raheel Sharif, but the bond and love that we have developed with him is not easy to develop or break. You are our Hero and Savior, and we wish to see you continue as the Chief of Army Staff for this country.

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