The four greatest women in the history
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The four greatest women in the history

Islam is the only religion of the world that has each and everything required to spend a complete code of life with every detailing that could make your lifestyle worthy of being among the best. But, this religion has also given us the mightiest and greatest women of the history in the form of four most important women – Hazrat Khadijah Bint Khuwaylid, Hazrat Fatima Bint Muhammad, Hazrat Asiya Bint Mazaahim, Hazrat Maryam Bint Imraan.

Khadijah R.A was the first women ever to embrace Islam alongside being the wife of Holy Prophet (S.A.W). She set an example for all the women and even the generations to come by sacrificing her wealth and fortune just to spread Islam and faith. What more is required to make our mother even more exemplary among the others?

Hazrat Fatimah Bint Muhammad:

The leader of the women in paradise, the eye candy of Prophet and his dearest daughter – Fatimah R.A. Known for her modesty and piety, she has set an exemplary beacon to be followed.

Hazrat Asiyah Bint Mazaahim:

For the world back then, she was wife of the cruelest of the leaders, Pharoah. But her perseverance and faith in even hardest of the times is what made her a prominent Muslimah. How more could you explain her rank than the fact that she was given “Palace in Paradise Near Allah”.

Hazrat Maryam Bint Imraan:

“Chosen Above All the Women,” she was the mother of Hazrat Essa A.S. and was known for her steadfastness against the accusations that kept budding against her.


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