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How to find the perfect sales people for your company

In order to quickly reach the heights of a market, a business needs to build a good sales team. However hiring a good sales team is easier said than done. It’s tricky hiring the perfect sales team. But fret not, we have gathered a few qualities to look for in your next sales hire.

They Love to Compete.

Good salespeople are competitors. They are driven to achieve goals, beat their last month’s performance, and win. When you are interviewing someone, ask them to describe a time when they were in a competition (sport, music, cooking). Ask them to tell you how they approached the competition, whether they won, and if not, why not. If they aren’t passionate about the competition, they aren’t likely to be a good salesperson.


They Engender Trust.

Really good salespeople understand that a sale is not a transaction; it’s a decision by a buyer to trust the seller to deliver the goods/services promised. Great salespeople understand this. For them it is not about pushing a product or service at a potential customer who doesn’t need or want it. It’s about talking with a customer, discovering their needs, and then deciding whether the company’s products/services can meet that need and if not, saying so.


They can take rejection & are good listeners.

A good sales person is always a good listener, They are genuinely interested in others. They don’t monopolize the conversation. Customers like them and want to do business with them. Good salespeople have a good sense of humor, don’t take rejection personally, and understand that “no” is not a rejection of them, but a signal that “this product doesn’t fit our needs” or “I don’t have budget,” or “now is not the time for purchase,”or any other number of reasons that are out of their control. Good salespeople look for the opportunities where they have the highest potential of winning the sale, but they know they won’t be able to win every one.

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