Eye movements can reveal whether a person is lying: Study
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Eye movements can reveal whether a person is lying: Study

According to a recent study, it is noted that little movements in eyes can tell whether a person is lying or not. It is helpful in noting whether a person recognizes someone.

The finding proves to be helpful and beneficial for police in this case. During interrogation the police can identify whether the suspect is lying and forming every possible connection between criminal networks by such tiny eye movements.

As per the report published by The Telegraph, modern issues like gang encounters require frequent interrogation in order to crack down the key links.

These kinds of eye tracking technology is being used by the students and faculty at University of Portsmouth in the UK. They have concluded that people move their eyes in some specific patterns while they look at people and identify them.

“Facilitators of criminals often deny knowing other networks members. Whenever a denial is made, the little eye movements when viewing photos of those suspects may reveal such lies” said lead author of the study Ailsa Millen.

In the study, participants lied about not identifying people in photos, which was completely judged on the basis of their eye movements.

There is enough evidence to say that the pattern of eye movement was involuntary. Ailsa suggested that the pattern could be hard to fake or control.

The findings may prove fruitful in the modern lie detection techniques.

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