Why is it so difficult and painful for human females to give birth?
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Why is it so difficult and painful for human females to give birth?

Women all over the world give birth by Cesarean section far more often. Human evolution is being shaped by the number of women giving birth by C-section these days. C-sections have become more common, they might also be altering the course of human evolution.

The increased use of C-sections means all that is changing because women with hips of any size can now give birth to babies of any size.

Researchers have developed a new theory: Evolution favored small female pelvises and large newborns for good reasons. And, the researchers said, the rise of cesarean sections — the surgical delivery of a baby — in recent decades may be contributing to an even bigger gap between the size of newborns and their mothers’ pelvises. In fact, the researchers estimate that the regular use of C-sections has led to a 10 to 20 percent increase in the gap between female pelvis width and babies’ size.

Does this mean the rise in C-sections could be changing human evolution?

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