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How the most determined people deal with setbacks

We all know life isn’t without challenges. The 21st century brings us smaller workforces, more responsibility and expectations from others 24/7. Doing the work of two or more people, the phone that never stops ringing and the boss who gives you something she needs yesterday can frustrate anyone. This pressure can knock you off focus and test your will, but you don’t have to let it discourage you.

Achieving success requires risks–lots of them.  Studies have shown that those who rise to the top have emotional courage, or a willingness to persist in the face of regularly hearing “no”.  Pushing through the rejection, criticism and disappointment can toughen us. Teddy Roosevelt once said about his days in the wild: “There were all kinds of things I was afraid of at first… but by acting as if I was not afraid I gradually ceased to be afraid”.  Courageous people see challenges as opportunities to grow.

Reconnecting with the determination that’s helped you succeed takes re-examining your strengths and a little creativity.

When challenging scenarios have you hanging your head, shore up your confidence with these skills so you can get back up, dust yourself off and look the challenge in the eye to overcome.

When there are too many priorities, ask yourself:
* Which tasks most closely align with my goals?
* Which ones have the greatest consequence if not accomplished?
* Are my expectations for each priority realistic?
* Is there any flexibility I’m not acknowledging?
* Does everything have to be done perfectly?

Having inflexible expectations of short-term goals can harm productivity and hold you back. Re-evaluating each finish line can help sharpen focus on which priorities really do outweigh the others, allowing you to put momentum where it’s needed.

Once you’ve determined what’s most important of all the “critical” tasks, be decisive. Keeping your justifications and long-term vision in mind will inject the energy needed to keep your determination strong.

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