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Covid-19: Who can enjoy the privilege to work from home during the pandemic in Pakistan?

As the number of Corona virus-infected people rises in Pakistan,many organisations are giving employees the opportunity to work from home.

There are currently several occupations in which it is possible for employees to work from home for example people who are buying, selling, online banking, or accounting online can avail this opportunity.

Companies that have allowed their workers to work from home

Currently, only people who work for international organizations are allowed to work from home under international rules.
Engro Pakistan allowed its employees to work from home in March when an employee tested positive for the corona virus.

Engro’s representative, Amanul Haq, said that the infected person had recently traveled abroad.

Currently, only 20% of the people in the Engro offices are allowed to work, and most meetings are done via  WhatsApp and video call app Zoom.

Amanul Haq has also been working from home for the past week. He said that instead of going to the office twice, he did almost all the work from home.

The Chinese video app Zoom is currently being used by large enterprises to conduct online meetings of about six to seven people.

Is there a law for homeworkers in Pakistan?

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