These countries suffer from terrorism the most!
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These countries suffer from terrorism the most!

Terrorism has forayed into the lives of people, around the world, and has become a menace that needs to be instantly exterminated. Considering the massive number of lives that are in danger due to the ever-increasing terrorist activities, the ‘Global Terrorism Index’ has released its annual report.

The report sheds light on the countries pre-dominantly affected by the frequent pervasiveness of terrorism.

These countries suffer from terrorism the most!
Source: Statista

The data highlighted by the latest report is much similar to the study conducted in 2015. It mentions the top countries with the highest impact of terrorism as:

  • Iraq,
  • Afghanistan,
  • Nigeria,
  • Pakistan,
  • Syria,
  • Libya,
  • Egypt

Even though Europe is soon following the mentioned countries in instances of terrorism, it has a relatively low score on the index. Moreover, the deaths caused due to the cases of terrorism in these countries stands equal to 72 per cent of the global total.

Apart from accentuating the countries affected by terrorism, this report also mentioned the four terror organizations that resulted in death of such vast percentage of the population:

  • Taliban – functioning prominently in Afghanistan,
  • Boko Haram – Nigeria,
  • al-Qaeda,
  • ISIS

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