ave you ever considered the rights of transgender in Pakistan?
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Have you ever considered the rights of transgender in Pakistan?


Mass communication, University of Karachi.

Injustice with transgender is one of the most prevalent but ignored issues in our society. Transgender (also referred as third gender) reflects a group of people who belong to the third gender. This faction of the society enjoys the least amount of respect or rights in Pakistan. They are even deprived of their fundamental rights.

Due to the controversial nature of the issue and typical mindset of people, the subject of violation of transgender rights in Pakistan is not discussed even in the sophisticated circles. Most of the people don’t even consider them as a part of their community. Massive rejections are often faced by transgender in almost all the parts of Pakistan.

I have often wondered why it is that a general hatred exists towards ‘transgender’ in Pakistan. The term itself is not sinister in any sense. All of us watch them with eyes filled with hatred and never ending disgust. What is their mistake if they are neither considered female nor male? Have they made themselves like this? Did they have any option to choose their gender? Is it their fault to be like this? I consider hatred against the transgender just an excuse to run away from societal obligations.

The question is why have we been involved in doing all these injustices with transgender. Injustice at the very first level is done by the family in which a transgender is born. The family members refuse to accept a baby belonging to the third gender. If transgender are considered as a burden on the society, then the question is who is responsible for it?

The world has changed a lot over the past few decades. It has started to recognize the rights of transgender. It is high time for the government to provide aid or support system to these individuals so that they could live normal life. Due to the acute lack of job opportunities and financial security, transgender community is forced to make their living by prostitution.

Degrading people belonging to the third gender can not be legitimized through any ideology. No religion can support such kind of atrocities. Islam and the teachings of the Holy Prophet (P. B. U. H) don’t allow us to treat them in this inhuman way. We should respect them and allow them to function like normal beings in the society.

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