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Challenges faced by women at workplaces

Working women often face different problems at workplace, either its harassment, lack of family support, unequal pay, gender biasness or personal issues. The real challenge is to face and fight it.

There are some women who are reaching new heights at their workplaces, while there are others who continue to be victims at work. When women don’t feel comfortable or safe at their workplace, they become victims and lack at utilizing their skills, become hesitant and insecure. They need to work in a healthy environment so they perform well and be more productive and confident in whatever they do.

In the past few years, the role of women in society has drastically changed. They can be seen as Successful Entrepreneurs, Company Executives, Fighter Jet-Pilots, Educationists, Film-Makers, Artists and Singers. Women are making tremendous efforts by supporting their families financially.

The number of working women is increasing day by day but there are still certain obstacles that they have to cross to prove themselves beneficial for the job market.


Most of the women in Pakistan usually go out of their house to earn money at the time of extreme need. They are often found to be the victim of harassment at their workplace as they are considered an easy target by the male colleagues. They usually ignore or remain silent to put up with it in fear of losing their job, because they know that it’s of no use to make a complaint against them so the problem continues. Higher authorities and corrupt officers never support them. They end up resigning to get rid of it. This is one of the major reasons why families do not allow their women to work.


Even though, women prove to be more efficient than male employees most of the time, they are not paid equally. In many workplaces, employees are not allowed to discuss their salaries so that no one ever comes to know if they are paid less or not.


Insufficient maternity leave is another major issue that is faced by a working mother. This not only affects the performance of women employees at work, but is also harmful to their personal lives.


Most of the married women are not allowed to do a job and also, it becomes difficult for them to maintain work and household because of increased responsibility. It becomes difficult for women to take their professional and personal life hand in hand; they take a lot of stress, which deprives their peace, rest, sleep and health.

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