Brides not for sale, dowry culture in Pakistan – Murdering brides since forever
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Brides not for sale, dowry culture in Pakistan – Murdering brides since forever

Dowry has become a menace and the most murderous ritual of Pakistan. Despite of all the efforts and determinations put in, it has become extensively difficult to exterminate this peril from the society. As per the statistics on paper, more than 2000 brides are killed every year due to this nuisance. But, why are we not stopping it? Why, instead of taking an action, are we adding more life to this situation?

Marriage is regrettably often tarnished in Pakistan either by the frightening consequences of a family’s self-esteem propelled away with the weight of loans or by going bankrupt and plummeting themselves into financial debts. Dowry has become a financial nightmare and plague for brides and their parents. The only thing that stems into the mind of an average middle-class individual, before marrying off their daughters or finding potential bridegroom is to pile up tons of furniture, clothing, house products, give-aways and other things of monetary significance. Isn’t 2000 enough of a figure to stop people and spring into action?

There is a new story in every other poor home, where daughter was brutally tortured or killed for not bringing sufficient dowry. Without any doubt, dowry has become a social evil which needs to be eradicated at the earnest from this society. Else, we will leave every single ounce of humanity that has been instilled as “humans” within us.

This society has failed to realize that tons of money being spent on dowry can be better spent on improving the life conditions, living standards, and well-being of family as a whole. The snake of dowry is still alive but just fed less.

If we don’t take an action today, this erratic social norm will keep lingering among us. All that is required is for both the families to sacrifice their social harmony temporarily for the sake of the greater good. Let’s just stop for a moment and think that nothing could be bigger or better than the life of a human. Stop killing innocent people for the sake of money or something as insignificant as a property.  Government should also maintain a stern profile along with rigorous check to see if people are standing by the law or not. Killing is not an answer; in fact it is not even a question and will never be! It’s high time that we, as a society, stand against the menace that has withered the lives and dreams of thousands of innocent brides. Only then will we be able to prosper and flourish as a society.


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