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‘Bill Gates’ and ‘Big Oil’ on the verge to suck out CO2 from air to solve climate change!

In British Columbia, there’s a company that wants to stop climate change by sucking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.

It’s called Carbon Engineering, and it uses a combination of giant fans and complex chemical processes to remove carbon dioxide from the air in a procedure known as Direct Air Capture.

Direct Air Capture isn’t new, but Carbon Engineering says its technology has advanced enough for it to finally make financial sense.

The company is backed by Bill Gates — but also by the oil giants Chevron, BHP, and Occidental. These partnerships will bring Carbon Engineering’s tech to market by using the captured carbon to make synthetic fuels and and help extract more oil from the ground.

Will Carbon Engineering’s technology decrease the amount of CO2 in the air, or is it going to prolong our dependence on fossil fuels?

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