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How to become a master speaker

Public speaking has been cited as the number one fear of many, but whether you’re pitching to a VC firm or just talking to a small group of people in the office, it’s a pretty big key to success. The point is, we all have to do it so we might as well try to get good at it.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t get too technical.
  2. Make your idea worth sharing.
  3. Practice makes better, not perfect
  4. Stop fidgeting. Your body is saying just as much as your words are
  5. When it comes to multimedia, less is best
  6. Be open to feedback
  7. Give your listeners a reason to care

Remember, persuading others is a two-way street. Whether you’re talking to your team or an investor, it can’t be all about you. Even if you do have an angle, put yourself in the audience’s shoes for a moment. You’re an interesting person, and I’m sure you have plenty to talk about besides your latest pitch. Don’t worry about making the hard sell — if you offer something of value, it will come naturally.

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