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Are your employees motivated?

You believe in your company wholeheartedly. There’s an entrepreneurial fire burning strong inside that motivates you to work harder each day. Unfortunately, the same cannot always be said about your employees. According to a survey 69 percent of employees felt they were consistently putting all their effort into their work. If you’ve tried a variety of incentives but are still seeing the negative side effects of low motivation, you’re not alone. Sometimes even the best managers have to think outside the box to find creative and reliable ways to motivate their employees.

You can try these motivational techniques with your employees:

  1. Provide supportive leadership:

Leadership is one of the key factors in employee motivation. Supportive leaders work closely with employees – trust and a sympathetic ear are powerful incentives for keeping veterans focused and developing new talent. Good leaders act as role models, holding themselves to high standards of accountability that set an example for all. Supportive leadership means recognizing that a leader’s expectations influence how employees see themselves, those you consider unlikely to succeed will probably fail.

  1. Empower the individual:

Every employee needs to know that he or she is valued as an individual. No one wants to feel like a faceless, interchangeable pawn in some larger game, so make sure all the members of your workforce are given opportunities to express themselves. Encourage employees to display aspirational personal items.

  1. Encourage teamwork:

From the soccer field to the battlefield to the boardroom, nothing is better at keeping an individual focused and responsive than belonging a team. Through teamwork, employees learn to trust each other and to look beyond themselves. And healthy competition in a team setting, both in the office and after hours, can increase creativity as well as productivity.

  1. Make sure goals are attainable but challenging:

Since employees are ultimately responsible for reaching their goals, they need to have a strong voice in setting them. Ask your employee to draft goals that directly contribute to the organization’s mission.

  1. Eliminate dissatisfaction:

For many if not most employees, motivation is directly tied to job satisfaction. It almost goes without saying, then, that supportive leadership needs to do everything possible to eliminate such sources of dissatisfaction as uncertainty about the future, intrusive supervision and excessive paperwork. Just knowing that management is aware of problematic areas and is working to address them can help keep employees from losing sight of what they enjoy about their jobs.

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