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Are you CEO material?

Are CEOs born or made? Most of the tricky skills needed to excel are drummed into leaders through years of experience. In my opinion CEOs are made, not born.

You need to nail these basics before you can even start to think of yourself as potential CEO material

You’re curious and a constant learner

You’re willing to feel like you’re the dumbest person in the room

 You’re not afraid to take calculated risks

You know how to communicate well

You’re always challenging yourself

You’re emotionally intelligent

You find yourself leading projects

You know how to surround yourself with the right people

You can know a dream is crazy, but chase it anyway

You’re thinking ahead

Even if you’re not strong in some of the leadership capabilities that CEOs require, there are many routes to take to bulk up your management prowess. For one, MBA programs are always a good way to learn leadership skills and show your commitment to be a good manager.

The best CEOs are visionaries for the organizations they lead. It’s not just trying to figure out what the trends are and jumping on those, it’s being a thought leader.

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