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6 Useful Tricks For Your Car

Dirty HeadlightscarJust grab a toothpaste from your washroom to clean those dirty headlights. Squeeze some onto an old toothbrush or a cloth, and rub it vigorously onto the headlights. Wash it off with water.

Want to get rid from trash?carrYou can use a sealable food container as a trash can.

Make a simple holder for your phone with the help of rubber band.

How to unlock a frozen lock?
carrrrSqueeze a pea-sized amount of anti bacterial hand gel onto your finger and wipe it over the lock. It contains alcohol spirit which will make the ice melt faster.

Wants to get rid of old car stickers?
carrrrrrSoak a piece of newspaper in warm water, and place it on the sticker for ten minutes.

Wants to get rd of car scratches?
carrrrrrrrTransparent polish is an easy way to get rid from scratches. Apply 2-3 layers, and this will prevent scratches from getting any larger.


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