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By: KainaatMaqbool

When promoting a business it is necessary to attract clients and customers. And, in order to appeal to the potential audiences you need a good marketing strategy and so on… This is the most common sentence you’ll hear when asked about branding with purpose. However, we have forgotten the most basic and core role of branding or establishing your business is how people conceive its name.

Let’s get this straight, you watch TVCs. Right? You like some ads while you hate some. You try some products while you ignore others. You think that the advertisement of so and so brand was obnoxious, while, the other brand was quite orthodox in showing its true nature to the public. This is all based on the quality of advertisement. You think? No! While, it plays a very important role in informing people about your product’s whereabouts and information, it is not the only thing which attracts people. Then what is?

There are two different rules which set branding straight and these are:

Is Your Company worth “Branding” About?

This can hurt your confident nature but you need to understand it carefully. You cannot expect clients and customers to come running at you after a single promotion, endorsement or other marketing strategies and plans etc. You need to ask yourself simple questions:

Is my business appealing to the customers?

Can my target market or potential customers connect with me?

Is my business really capable of producing a top-notch brand?

If answers to these questions are affirmative, then you are good to go. Otherwise, you should know that ‘Charity begins at home’. The fault doesn’t lie in your branding plans, nor is your brand surely repelling customers but it is the brainchild behind the public name that is affecting it.  A great brand can only develop when the company and the business behind it is great, inside out! Only when you have saturated your choices to the customer’s true demands you can think of laying out your branding ideas in the market. Be cautious that a faulty company with fault in its business and services will never be able to churn out a good brand or an appealing aura to the customers.

Hit Customer’s Nerve!

As mentioned above, branding comes after you have earned a customer’s loyalty. When people will start believing in you, they will think that they can somehow connect with your firm or the strategies you have in mind, they’ll come flocking towards you. Make customers believe that you understand what they want more than you want to earn. You need to have the confidence of approval. Look into the name of famous businesses’ like Apple, Facebook and Twitter etc. You won’t see any advertisement, hoarding or campaigns announcing that a new product, feature or an update is underway. The tech giants have made their names in such a way that people trust them, blind-eyed. In return, they offer services to the people which are classy, legit and worth depending upon. While, some branding specialists may argue that many big brands have made their name from petty campaigns and world-class branding strategies. They earn the name and trust prior to start flooding customers with their services.

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