2016 continues to be the year of great loss
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2016 continues to be the year of great loss

While all of us ponder over the subject of death from time to time, we are unprepared for its arrival. So far, this year many well known actors and celebrities have passed away.

Celebrity deaths come in threes, they say, but recent famous losses seemed to come by the dozens. This year, we not only lost national but international iconic personalities.

2016 became the year where we sadly had to bid farewell to legendary personalities which included; Amjad Sabri, Abdul Sattar Edhi, Junaid Jamshed, Maryam Mukthar and more than I can remember.

Coming into 2016, we never would have known exactly how much pain we are going to face. No matter where you stand politically, culturally, or musically; the year was dominated by division, conflict, and great loss.

It is always sad to lose a key contributor to the world we know and love, and we lost so many this year. A moment of silence for all the legends who will be missed immensely.


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