Secret codes that let you access hidden features on your iPhone

Did you know that there are actually a handful of secret iPhone codes? Well it’s true, and the features range from extremely useful (like showing your exact signal strength) to very niche (like displaying your call forwarding status). Here are some of the best ones.

Block Caller ID:-

With a simple code you have the ability of masking your own phone number to do this just dial #31# and the phone number, the person receiving the phone call will only see no caller ID on their phone.

Signal Strength:-

Signal bars are an imprecise way of checking if your signal strength is good or bad, to execute this properly you’ll have to a hidden “field test mode” dial *30001#12345#* then place a call then immediately hold the power button once the power down screen pops up hold the home button until you are back on the home screen and you will have a precise way of measuring your signals

Find Your Phone’s Unique Code:-

Every phone has it’s own unique code identifier that is displayed inside the phone’s settings but you can access this by simply typing *#06#.

Discover where your messages go:-

Regular messages work by forwarding your texts wirelessly to a message center via a specific phone number to figure out your carriers secret number dial *#5005*7672# then call.

Call Blocking and Call Waiting:-

call barring allows you to block incoming and outgoing calls and call waiting allows to place incoming or current calls on hold *33*pin# enables call barring while  #33*pin# disables barring *43# enables call waiting whereas #43# disables it.


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