Samsung New Campaign Highlights the Importance Of Vocal Education.

Advertisement can be a very powerful form of tool to educate people in ways others can not. People love the art of storytelling and ad films are the best way one could send the message across the board. Similarly, Samsung is known to make such ads that reflect the realities of our society.

Thailand Samsung Electronics is celebrating its 30th anniversary by highlighting the challenges faced by vocational students and how the Samsung Dual Vocational Education Program helps them overcome it.

As part of its #DoWhatYouCant campaign, Samsung has rolled out a 5-minute film titled ‘The Mechanic’ created by Cheil Worldwide Thailand which showcases the challenges students have to face in real life and how the vocational students are under-appreciated in Thailand.

The education program prepares students for vocational careers as skilled technicians, a profession in high demand in both the Thai and ASEAN labor markets.

According to an official statement, the film has already recorded more than 15 million YouTube views in one week.

Manager of Strategy at Thai Samsung Electronics, stated: “Dual Vocational Education Program is one of the many projects that Samsung has done for 30 years in Thailand. We appreciate the love and trust that Thai people have given us and would continue to create innovations for their happiness. The online film is another way to build an emotional connection with Thai consumers.”


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