New initiative to eradicate plastic use by the renowned fast food chain. find out here!

Burger King has come up with an initiative to remove plastic toys from its kid’s meals across the UK while offering to meltdown unwanted plastic toys for recycling too.

The new sustainability initiative, ‘The Meltdown’, will see all plastic toys removed from its Junior Meals and melted down for good. It will be promoted through an online film, as well as out-of-home, in-store, PR and experiential.

The new idea of plastic toy amnesty will run across over 500 Burger King Restaurants across the UK. Special edition sticker sheers, Meltdown crowns, and Meltdown King Junior Meal boxes will also promote the initiative.

All the Recycled materials will be used to create a giant statue featuring one of the campaign characters ‘Beep Beep’ melting, which will be installed at the Southside Leicester Square restaurant will feature a campaign takeover including a designed exterior to represent the meltdown. Inside will also feature campaign visuals, special edition packaging and staff uniforms created especially.

These initiatives by the companies are becoming necessary for the sustainability of the environment. Plastic pollution and deforestation have become one of the pivotal issues of our society.

The chief marketing officer said in his speech at awards, that we need to change certain things which are affecting our environment. These initiatives will not only help to create a more sustainable environment but will also educate people about the issue of global warming.

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