After cars Honda increases bike prices following rupee devaluation

Atlas Honda has raised the prices of its bikes amid car prices hike, reports Dawn. The company has increased the prices by PKR 500-3000. This is for the second time that the company has surged the rates of its bikes, previously it soared the prices by PKR 500-1000.

The revised prices of Honda Bikes are as follow:

New Prices Old Prices Increase
Honda CG-125 PKR 109,000 PKR 107,500 PKR 1,500
Honda CG-125 Deluxe PKR 129,500 PKR 126,500 PKR 3,000
Honda Pridor 100cc PKR 88,000 PKR 87,000 PKR 1,000
Honda CD-70 PKR 64,000 PKR 63,500 PKR 500
Honda CD-70 Dream PKR 68,500 PKR 67,500 PKR 1,000
Honda CB-150F PKR 165,000 PKR 162,000 PKR 3,000


The prices of the bikes have been revised with effect from 2 April 2018. Furthermore, the rates have been changed due to constant devaluation of Rupee against Dollar. Despite the price hike in January, the company sold a record number of bikes in it’s his history; it shipped over 1 lac bike in a single month.

Despite the price hikes, Atlas Honda is selling a record number of bikes. The company sold more than 1 lac units of bikes in January alone. According to estimates, the bike sales will cross 1.1 million units by the end of the current fiscal year.

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