Aston Martin’s first luxury boat looks amazing

Aston Martin has officially entered the boating business.

The luxury car maker debuted its first boat in September 2016 and it has now entered the hands of its first owner. The boat, called the AM37, was made in conjunction with Quintessence Yachts and starts at $1.64 million. But the one hitting the seas was heavily customized, making it cost a lot more than the initial price tag. Aston Martin worked on the AM37 for two and half years starting in 2014.

Aston Martin delivered its first boat in August. Only 8 to 12 boats will be sold each year. The owner customized the yacht with Charcoal Lacquer wood to match their new Vantage AMR. The power boat was also outfitted with a convertible sofa, champagne cooler, and Lacewood table.

Aston Martin is treating the boat as an exclusive purchase, so it will take some leg work to get your hands on one.


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