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The unforgettable story of my first car

For guys it’s always about the cars, we’re moths to a flame when it comes to good cars. Every guy out there has a dream car, a beautiful piece of machinery that they wish they could drive, but the tragic truth is, rarely do we get to accomplish this particular dream, mainly because cars are super expensive.

I’m telling this story because of the exciting campaign by Suzuki #MySuzukiMyStory, if my story is good enough I might just be lucky enough to win a brand new Suzuki car.

I believe we all remember our first car, that one car in the house which we were allowed to drive and liked to pretend it was ours and to some extent it was. Mine was a bright red Suzuki Mehran, which in those days was a big deal for sixteen year old me, what you need to understand here is the fact that to me that car was no less than a Ferrari.

It was 4am on a Saturday night; in those days I was in the habit of sneaking out from the wee hours of the night to the early hours of the day say from 4am to 7am. So in an attempt to sneak out without my parent’s knowing,I quietly took the car out of the garage and headed on my way to have some fun with my buddies. The three of us drove around for a hour with our windows down and our system up, we mess about pulling incomplete 180’s and failing miserably at pulling 360’s and doing burnouts in a Suzuki Mehran, however we felt super cool and thankfully the streets were empty. The Sun had slowly started to rise, so we decided to head to an empty track where we could not only enjoy the Sunrise clearly, but also mess around in the car a little more.

So, let me narrate the incident in a more realistic way, it’s the three of us in the car, I stand at the track my hands on the steering like I’m about to have a race, tire’s squeal, I launch and about 20 meters in I turn the steering wheel left pull the handbrake the guys swing to the right, I turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction pulling the handbrake again this time the guys swing to the left however this time the car goes from four wheels to two and eventually to no wheels. The car has flipped we land on the roof and are dragged a few meters as the car stops.

We squeeze out of the windows, luckily all three of us escape unscathed, we flip the car back on its tires, the roof has been flattened the windscreen has shattered, the front has flattened as well but when I get in the car and turn the ignition it starts perfectly. I will say this about the Mehran, it is one resilient piece of machinery, and even after all that we drive the Mehran back to my house, they escorted me home and then leave. I cover the car with the cloth, put lots of really heavy bricks on the roof to make it seem like bricks had fallen on the car and head to bed. Hours pass, I get a loud knock on my door and I immediately know it’s my father. He walks in and asks, “Did you do this to the car?” No I answer, to which he asks again adding, “Just tell me, I won’t do anything”, so I accepted that it was me and he told me to go back to sleep.

If you have an interesting car story then share it with us, with the hashtags #MySuzukiMyStory and try your luck into winning a brand new Suzuki car. So, don’t miss out on this golden opportunity!

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