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Mountain Dew finally reveals it’s BIG secret!

Mountain Dew just amped up the year  with more adventure, excitement and thrill! The  daring and action-packed drink from PepsiCo released teasers and got the consumers  in frenzy after dropping hints of partnering up with a big brand ambassador!

Reactions of fans:

Many guesses were made as to who the mystery man could be:

And this guess simply couldn’t be ignored!

A special screening was held for bloggers and influencers to finally reveal the celebrity who will be the face of Mountain Dew this year. While many guesses were made, the Star that will now be endorsing the adventure Brand is none other than Hritik Roshan! The biggest adventure Endorser in the Region will now be seen partnering up with the biggest action-packed brand!

In the exclusive experiential event held for celebrities and bloggers, Mountain Dew also released its new tagline, “Darr ke agay jeet hai” , the ultimate essence of the brand that stands for courage, daring, adventure and thrill. Talk about how Hrithik fits the brand image.

With the exciting new celebrity partnership and tagline full of gusto we cannot wait to see what the brand has in store for the year 2018!

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