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Legal action against Haleeb Milk on infringement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Karachi Police has sealed a godown containing 40,000 milk boxes of Haleeb Milk, arrested an employee, and are taking additional action on the matter.

Legal action has started to stop illegal & misuse of “Brand of the Year” trademark and copyrights

Brands Foundation to file a damage suit against Haleeb Foods and claim compensations of Rs. 100 million for violation of their wordmark and copyrights

(Staff Reporter) The Brands Foundation has acted in its defense and filed an FIR against Haleeb Foods for breaching their trademark and copyrights. The suit filed by the foundation has also claimed damages of Rs. 100 million for the illegal use of their trademarks and copyrights, chiefly the “Brand of the Year” trademark and logo. Haleeb Foods, the company behind Haleeb Milk, was found unlawfully using the logo on the packaging of its milk packs.

Police have raided a godown in Landhi, Karachi, and have recovered more than 40,000 milk packs, along with arresting an employee of the godown cell. According to details, Brands Foundation is the real and legitimate owner of the trademark, copyrights and wordmark of “Brand of the Year,” and the sole intellectual rights ownership of this brand and logo have been registered in the name of Brands Foundation for the last 14 years. The absolute right to use this name and logo is reserved only for the Brands Foundation. Some unscrupulous people have tried to take undue advantage of the stellar reputation & goodwill of the “Brand of the Year” trademark, and are trying to fool people into using their products or services by falsely claiming to be bestowed with this coveted award.

Taking notice of this situation, the management of the Brands Foundation has decided to take the necessary legal actions against such deceitful practices, individuals, and businesses. The action taken by the Brands Foundation involves filing a FIR (No: 431/19) against Haleeb Foods, under Section 66/66A of the Copyright Ordinance 1962 at Police Station Sharafi Goth, District Malir, Karachi. Duly acting on the FIR, Sindh Police raided a godown in Landhi and sealed the area containing 40,000 packs of Haleeb Milk imprinted with the “Brand of the Year” logo and trademark, and have also arrested an employee of the godown cell present there. The Legal Counsel of the Brands Foundation Mr. Wasim Akbar was also present while the police raided the godown and apprehended an employee.

In an urgent meeting of the Board of  Directors of the Brands Foundation, it has been unanimously decided that if any person, company or institution is found guilty of unlawfully using or misrepresenting the name of “Brand of the Year” on its products or while marketing its services, then strict action will be taken against them under the Intellectual Property Act with the help of Police and FIA. It was also decided in the meeting that Habib Bank Limited, K-Electric, Gourmet Bakery, and Pearl Continental Hotel (PC) have also been found illegally using the “Brand of the Year” name and logo and that legal action will be taken against them along with filing suits to the tune of Rs. 100 million for damaging the reputation of the Brands Foundation. The meeting reiterated the staunch and rightful stance of the Brands Foundation that all such elements will be taken to task with the help of the law. These are not only illegal activities based on fooling consumers with misconceptions and ill-designs but are also against the Intellectual Property laws of Pakistan and the rest of the world. The Brands Foundation reserves the right to take legal action at all levels for the protection of its intellectual property rights and will do so to protect itself and the consumers. It should be clear by now that no person, company, or institution can use the “Brand of the Year” name and logo on any of its products or use it in any advertising campaign without the explicit permission of the Brands Foundation. The foundation reserves the rights and will take the necessary legal actions against anyone found guilty of violating its copyrights under the relevant sections of Trademark Ordinance 2001 and Copyright Ordinance 1962 of Pakistan.

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