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Google and Facebook may have to handover their algorithms according to New Regulations imposed by Australian government.

Recently Australian government addressed the dominance of technology over the economy and to how to create transparency. The new regulations in Australia could see Google and Facebook revealing their algorithms to the regulatory body.

After an eighteen month investigation into both the companies, the regulatory body reached to a conclusion that a regulator is needed to scrutinize the way these companies work.

The Australian competition and consumer commission said it should be able to actively monitor whether these tech companies are not violating any rule.

Google and Facebook are very confidential about their algorithms and other technical details. These regulations were proposed by the ACCC (Australian Competition Consumer Commission).

Facebook did not react to the report submitted to the commission according to wall street Journal. The newspaper stated that Google is willing to work on the report presented by the commission.

The report is made to establish a regulator to ensure monitoring of tech companies, and also to safeguard the digital rights.

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