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How to get ultimate refreshmint this summer!

In this scorching temperature it’s important to be mindful of the weather when planning what to do for the day. There are many activities that you can take part in whether you are inside or outside. You can appreciate the summer months without having to be outside for hours at a time.

And to live it up with your friends gathering you have to look and feel fresh, just like Mawra Hocane found out the sweet escape from heat – 7up mint! Refresh yourself and be the center of your friends gathering with the coolness of mint. #7upMint.

The new exciting taste is the perfect answer to your thirst this summer.

Take a dip in the lake or beach for ultimate excitemint

Take a road trip with your friends for entertainmint

Be a tourist in your own town for amazemint

Go hiking in a forest to discover your elemint

Go on a relaxing vacation for amusemint

Arrange a picnic for enjoymint

Hang out with your friends with a chilled 7up mint for refreshmint


The combo of 7up with mint is especially good at beating the heat, which is why this drink has gained immense popularity right after its launch as the balance of flavors hit the right spot.

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