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First Ever Pakistani Brand Featured by Asia Outlook.

Pakistan is a rising economy in the sub-continent, with a growth of 6% in the fiscal year 2018 and the poverty rate is also expected to decline by 3.1% in 2019. Brands and industries have a large share of contribution to the growth of any economy.


McDonald’s is the first-ever Pakistani brand that has been featured by the prestigious international magazine Asia Outlook. This is a massive achievement and a moment of great honor that they are reflected as a positive impact on the economy of Pakistan.


Mr. Jamil Mughal, Chief Operations, Marketing, Development and Supply Chain Officer at McDonald’s Pakistan, were featured in this article. According to him McDonald’s has an optimistic approach in growing and further expanding their brand in Pakistan which will help the economy of Pakistan grow more.


McDonald’s believes in the society-first agenda and therefore they are an active brand in various sponsorships for different industries like the entertainment industry. McDonald’s sponsors quite a lot of movies every year and brings in new talent and opportunities for aspiring actors and artists. This has helped the cinema industry grow and generate revenue for more investment. Not only the entertainment industry but McDonald’s sponsor’s different events and competitions related to the digital industry, music, sports, and various children’s activities.

McDonald’s is an international brand which has international ethics and guidelines. These rules are also implemented in Pakistan which has helped in the economic and societal growth. The three training centers that train the employees as per the international standards and empowering people by giving equal opportunity to every gender are some great examples that are set up by this brand in the country.


This article also talks about how McDonald’s localized itself in Pakistan. Initially, the local vendors could not create products as per the international standards; McDonald’s trained them so they could create a more affordable and accessible fast food restaurant for the people of Pakistan. This resulted in the creation of new industries and indirect employments opportunities from the brand’s end which helped in the boost of the economy of Pakistan.


Mr. Jamil Mughal, also stated that they look forward to expand McDonald’s Pakistan further in the country. They are devoted to sustain world-class quality food and customer convenience and provide accessibility and affordability to everyone.

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