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Burger wars are bringing out the best in advertisement.

We have seen companies like McDonald’s and Burger King trolling each other. Earlier burger king started a campaign “clown free” taking a dig at McDonald’s clown by portraying different pictures where kids are crying or scared by clowns.

The series of photos were released on social media with a tagline “birthdays should be happy.” Come to burger king and book a clown free party.


Recently, McDonald’s came up with a billboard advertisement right next to Burger King with a witty message: “Served by a king, or served as a king? Discover our table service at McDonald’s.” this advert took place in the Centre of Brussels, Belgium.

McDonald’s wanted to inform its consumer about its new table service which brings the menu to you. This normally doesn’t happen in fast-food chains.

Before McDonald’s could celebrate, Burger King made a comeback by putting a sign of its own, which prominently projected “Why try to roast if you can’t even flame grill?” highlight one of the things McDonald’s can’t provide.

We all know that McDonald’s has been a pioneer in the burger business and have moved ahead of Burger King in the field of marketing. These campaigns create an impact on the consumers, resulting in healthy competition.


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