Mercedes Benz electric car, EQ Brand, rocks the Paris Motor Show
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Mercedes Benz electric car, EQ Brand, rocks the Paris Motor Show

Mercedes never fails to surprise us. This time Benz has come up with its perfect vision of an electric car, EQ Brand, at the Paris Motor Show.

EQ Brand defines the idea of basing vehicles on “an architecture developed specifically for battery-electric models.” Mercedes in its proud presentation revealed that the EQ Brand has been built in such a way that; it can also be used for saloons, coupes, cabriolets, and other models, due to a modular component system.

What’s more is that EQ has replaced the mainstream side mirrors with cameras, while, the door handles and windshield have been disguised to promote aerodynamics shape.

EQ Brand also features two electric motors, one on each axle; capable of producing 300kW of power. As for the battery, it is affixed into the vehicle floor and last for as long as 500km (310 miles). The Generation EQ can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under five seconds.

The Generation EQ will also include information from HERE maps so that the car can know “the precise curve radii as well as the position and size of a roundabout. The vehicle can then automatically adjust the speed and driving dynamics to give the driver even greater comfort and relaxation.”

Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche, during the unveiling, proudly stated; “The mobility of the future at Mercedes-Benz will stand on four pillars: Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric. Generation EQ is the logical fusion of all four pillars.”

Mercedes is currently experimenting with a lot more; such as, sensor fusion to autonomously drive car and to prevent accidents. The EQ is currently under mass-production and all we can do is to impatiently wait, till this beast is made public.

Watch this video to know more;

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