LiFi - 100x faster than WiFi, can soon be a reality
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LiFi – 100x faster than WiFi, can soon be a reality

Light Fidelity, abbreviated as LiFi, uses a visible light of LED bulbs to transfer data, whereas WiFi uses radio waves to transfer data. This can now easily describe the strength of LiFi, which will be approximately 100 times faster than WiFi. However, scientists claim that they are still figuring out a way to make LiFi commercially viable.

Recently, a group of scientists made a discovery where they used a carbon nanomaterial, along with full-colour emissive carbon dots for the transfer of data. The discovery led to a successful experiment, after which it is believed that LiFi will be available for commercial within the next 5 years.

LiFi, being 100 times faster than Wifi can save up to billions of hours daily by allowing people to rapidly surf through the internet and get work done with a blink of an eye. Moreover, it is also confirmed that the data transmitted through LiFi is secure, efficient and widespread.

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