Is the iPhone really all that great

Over the past decade, we’ve pushed forth with innovation, after innovation, after innovation,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said as he described the 10-year history of the iPhone in Apple’s brand-new Steve Jobs theater, at its new Apple Park headquarters in California.

However there are many who would disagree with Cook’s statement, there’s always a certain amount of hype with the launch of any iPhone regardless of its features, this is the same case with the new iPhone X most of the features are the same as the iPhone 8. The only aspect of the iPhone X perhaps more noticeable than its display is its price tag. Apple has set the starting cost for its flagship product, for the very first time, at north of $1,000, when you factor in taxes or the 256GB storage configuration. The device is even more expensive outside the US — customers in Italy, Russia, and Poland, for instance, will all have to pay around $1,600 for a 256GB version of the iPhone X. It’s just going to hit our wallets harder than ever before, and that’s a tough pill to swallow for most.

You can embrace the bold, 3D mapping future promised by Apple’s new Face ID while at the same time bemoaning the loss of Touch ID. While it may not work on the edge-to-edge OLED display of the iPhone X, at least not yet, Touch ID has grown over the years into one of the fastest, most secure biometric unlocking system of any modern smartphone, if not the best. Losing it will be an annoying compromise for many X buyers who must now contend with a new, unproven system. The verdict’s still out on whether Face ID will seamlessly work for users of all colors and ethnicities, a severe bias hurdle tech companies, which are primarily white and male, have fallen victim to in the past. (Apple says the tech will work in the dark and adapt to changes in your appearance, like the inclusion of hats and glasses, over time.)

There’s also a growing debate over what it means for law enforcement, who can easily point the device at you to unlock your iPhone, as opposed to compelling you to put your thumb on the device’s home button or copying it from a fingerprint record.

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