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If i say that electric cars has completely transformed the transportation or commuting system all around the world. It wouldn’t be wrong.

Many countries have already adopted this transportation technology since a decade. However, at the same time this technology is pretty much new and currently in an introductory and initial phase in Pakistan.

As the whole global village is verging towards preventing ‘Global Warming’ and promote pollution free enviornment, it is very vital for us to promote this technology and start manufacturing of electric cars within the country as quickly as possible.

This step will not only help us irradicate pollution but also play a major part in many elements such as; Curbbing Global Warming, Promote Healthy and pollution free enviornment, stop manufacturing of gas, petrol and high speed diesel cars, etc.

The biggest recent development came in the form; That PM Imran Khan himself will be meeting with the executives from Tesla and discuss the possibility of the company launching electric cars in the country.

I hope we quickly take a step forward and verge towards a greener and pollution-free country.

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