The best smartphones on the market that you can buy

Prepare yourself for a flood of new smartphones. Mobile World Congress, the wireless industry’s annual global conference, is about a month away. Every year MWC kicks off a series of announcements from phone manufacturers about new devices. Whether you’re in the market for a phone right now or can wait until after the big show, we’re here to help out.

Check out our list of the top smartphones you can buy.

Sony XZ Premium.Image result for sony xz premium

On the one hand, this is a good phone. The screen is great, the software is clean, and the whole thing is superfast. However on the other, it’s got underwhelming battery and a slippery, sometimes uncomfortable design, it’s not the device that should reverse Sony’s fortunes.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Image result for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are among the best-looking smartphones on the market right now. They’re more attractive than Apple’s iPhone 8 and sleeker than Samsung’s Note 8. In addition to their good looks, the Galaxy S8 phones are full of great features. They’re water-resistant. They have taller-than-average screens, allowing you to see more of your apps or webpages. They support both fast and wireless charging and face and iris recognition. They have one of the best cameras and they each have a home button, so it’s easier to adjust to using them than phones that have ditched the feature.

Razer Phone.Related image

The Phone is marketed as a “gaming” phone, mostly because of its unique display. The Phone can refresh its screen 120 times a second; most phones, by comparison only refresh their screens 60 times a second. The Phone’s faster refresh rate allows it to offer super smooth gameplay. But the Phone doesn’t just use the feature to make games look good. The refresh rate also affects the way it displays apps and its Android interface. It works beautifully; everything you do on the phone is ultrasmooth in a way never seen before on a smartphone. In fact, Razer may have set the standard for how all phone displays should work not just those on gaming devices. But there’s more to the Phone than just its screen. It’s also got an eye-catching industrial design that stands out when compared with the sleek and svelte designs of most other Android phones.

LG G6.Related image

The G6 is LG’s best smartphone. With it, LG is finally offering a phone with a premium design and water-resistance — features that put the G6 in the same league as Samsung’s and Apple’s flagship devices.The G6 has a good dual-lens camera and a screen that’s taller than normal, which makes it great for viewing and using apps. But the G6 has one notable downside: an older processor. Its Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chip was superseded by the Snapdragon 835 two months after the G6 launched. Unlike the G6, Samsung’s Galaxy S8, one of its chief rivals, has the newer chip.

 Apple iPhone X.Image result for  Apple iPhone X.

It’s undeniable. The iPhone X is the best smartphone on the market today. It combines Apple’s standout operating system and app store with the best-designed phone we’ve seen.In terms of features, it also matches those of the best Android phones. It’s got an outrageously beautiful OLED display that covers most of its front, and it supports both wireless and fast charging. The iPhone X will cost you at least $1,000 — but that’s the price of near-perfection when it comes to a smartphone.

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