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Apple’s next big product might just be a pair of computer glasses

Of course Apple is working on new products in its $5 billion headquarters and research labs. The company wouldn’t be as successful as it is if Apple CEO Tim Cook and his executive team weren’t constantly planning for three and five years into the future and asking themselves what computers could look like. It seems like the company has decided it will launch a pair of smart-glasses that can impose digital information onto the real world through its advanced lenses.

The latest evidence to this is the fact that Apple just acquired a small Colorado based company Akonia Holographics. The company wasn’t very well known, and although no price was announced, it was a small purchase, unlikely to be listed in regulatory filings.But the transaction still reveals that Apple is working on some kind of head-mounted gadget. Akonia works on how to enable thin transparent smart glass lenses.Apple usually buys companies for talent and the technology it’s working on and it seems like this company was focused on new developments in one of the elements of smart glasses that isn’t in smartphones: the lenses.

The fact that Apple is working on smart-glasses shouldn’t be surprising to any investors. Apple CEO Tim Cook laid out Apple’s playbook for the technology way back in 2016.

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