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Amazon is changing the delivery game with its new multi-million dollar project..

Looks like Amazon want to set big records for its competitors and test there own limits. With that said as part of a big push to cut carbon emissions company wide, Amazon is placing an order worth billions of dollars for battery-powered delivery vans from Rivian, an electric-truck startup few people had even heard of a year ago.

Amazon CEO and Billionaire Jeff Bezos said in a interview, that the company will buy 100,000 electric trucks from Plymouth, Michigan-based Rivian as part of Amazon’s Climate Pledge to move to 100% renewable energy use by 2030. The first 10,000 vans could be on the road by 2022, with the remainder to be added by 2030.

He further said, ” We have a lot of delivery vans, and they all burn fossil fuels today, When you make a pledge like the Climate Pledge, it will drive the economy to start to build these products and services that these large companies need to meet these commitments. This is why we invested in Rivian. We invested $440 million in Rivian.”

To be honest $440 million is a huge amount and Amazon is taking some serious steps into future. It’s the biggest such order for electric commercial vehicles in the U.S. to date and could be worth at least.

Amazon believes that the electric fleet will cut its carbon emissions by 4 million metric tons a year by 2030.It is a good step for environment, but a risky one too.


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