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US Federal government imposed restrictions on Facebook with $5 billion penalty!

US Federal trade commission has issued notice to Facebook, to pay $5 billion penalty. FTC slammed Facebook with stern restrictions along with the huge fine. These regulations imposed by FTC will safeguard the mishandling of data, which Facebook was violating.

FTC has set an example for the first time, to notify all the tech giants to consider mishandling of data, a serious offense.

Along with fine, FTC has issued regulations for Facebook to comply, in order to create transparency in the tech industry.

Following are regulations imposed by FTC:

  • Facebook must monitor third party apps to ensure the data should not be accessed without the authority.Facebook must terminate third party apps, which are in violation of policies.
  • FTC instructed Facebook not to use mobile numbers of users for advertising.
  • Facebook is bound to ask for consent before its use of facial recognition and obtain the user permission.
  • Facebook must launch a data security program and implement it, to monitor the data usage.
  • The encryption of passwords is mandatory, to avoid password getting stored in plain text.
  • FTC restricted Facebook to ask for email passwords from the email service provider at the time when users signing up.


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