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Ray-Ban Is Teaming Up With FaceBook To Introduce AI Futuristic Glasses.

The world is becoming more futuristic as the tech industry is evolving day by day. Tech companies are planning to introduce “Artificial Intelligence” which is going to be the next big thing. Facebook has teamed up with Ray-Ban parent company Luxottica to bring a pair of smart glasses to market.

According to CNBC, the partnership is for Facebook’s AR glasses, called “Orion” a code name given for the project. It was reported that Orion is being designed to replace smartphones.

The futuristic like glasses are expected to do everything from displaying visual info on the lens to placing calls. They will also be able to show information in “a small display,” which sounds similar to Google Glass. The glasses are also said to have a camera that can allow users to live to stream their journeys to followers and friends.

CNBC reported that Orion could come to market between 2023 and 2025; these dates are pushed back from an originally scheduled launch of 2020.

Earlier in 2017, Mark Zuckerberg revealed the company’s vision for augmented-reality glasses at Facebook’s annual developer conference in 2017. A digital prototype of how the glasses might look, displayed to the crowd in an onstage presentation, resembled ordinary-looking eyeglasses with the capability to superimpose digital objects in the field of view.

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