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Things to look for when buying a refrigerator

Buying a refrigerator is a tricky business, unless you know what to look for. With so many sizes, specifications and features available you could easily make the wrong choice and then have to live with it, or adversely make an informed choice and lead an inspired lifestyle. Here are a few pointers to help you navigate through the mire and make an informed decision;


I have put this at the top because one does not buy a refrigerator every month. It is therefore a considered purchase which is expected to last several years at the very least. Most brands offer warranties of up to five years with the market standard. However Haier’s new Turbo series comes with an industry topping 10 year compressor warranty setting the bar twice as high as ordinary compressors.


Refrigerators are meant to keep your foodstuff fresh. This requires not only a high degree of cooling efficiency, but also ‘cooling speed, reach and depth’. Here again Haier sets new industry standards. The Turbo series comes with 5- way cooling compared to the normal 3- way cooling. This ensures several things:

  • That there is uniform cooling throughout all the compartments,
  • That cooling takes place faster, some 30% faster than other brands, and finally
  • The depth of cooling down to a staggering -25 degrees for Haier, which is 40% deeper cooling compared to a maximum of -18 degrees which you get in ordinary refrigerators.


Apart from storing fresh foodstuffs, refrigerators are expected to have ice on the ready 24/7. Here again Haier out performs the other brands. The Turbo series will provide solid ice within 2 hours, at least one hour faster than regular refrigerators. The topping on the ice is that the Turbo series will keep ice solidly frozen for up to 100 hours in case of complete power break down.


In these times of energy crisis, the cost of electricity has gone up. Not so with Haier Turbo series, which is so super-efficient that it has actually brought down energy consumption – you save 55% on the operational cost thanks to Haier’s market leading energy efficient technology.

There you are. Those are some points to keep in mind when shopping for a new refrigerator and avoiding the pitfalls. As they say aspire for the best there is, if you desire an inspiring lifestyle.

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